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POEM Mentorship Guidelines and Recommendations for Junior Faculty

The Department of Medicine and the Program of Experimental Medicine (POEM) recognizes mentorship as a necessary and vital component in the career development of our junior faculty and as such are available to assist in this endeavor. Please read the information below as well as the Schulich Mentorship Program policy.

Committee composition:
  • POEM recommends the committee have no less than 2 members, not including the mentee. The Division Chair, an advisor external to the division and a research mentor is recommended.
Committee meetings:
  • It is recommended the mentorship committee meet at least twice per year, for a minimum of 3 years.
Notifying POEM of meetings:
  • Please let the POEM office ( know of all upcoming meeting dates.
Meeting minutes:
  • We recommend the Chair of the Mentorship committee gather all comments and suggestions and draft the minutes of the meeting.
  • Please forward a finalized copy of the minutes to the POEM office at A pdf version of the minutes will be placed on the POEM website for the Committee members to access as well as Drs. Kim and Calvin.
Suggested topics for discussion:

As you prepare for your mentorship meeting we invite you to consider the following suggested topics to aid in your discussions. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and not all will apply to each situation, but should merely be used as helpful guide.
  • Protected time for research
  • Grants - choosing, writing, reviewing
  • Career planning and timelines
  • Collaborative opportunities
  • Networking - internal/external
  • Time management
  • Delegating to free up time
  • Infrastructure/Resource needs
  • Short/Intermediate/Long term goals
  • Additional skills needed and how to obtain them
  • Life/Work balance
Schulich Mentorship Program policy

Schulich Mentorship Policy June 2010