Enabling Patient Oriented Clinical Reasearch

The CCIT will help to position London Ontario as a globally-recognized centre of excellence in translational patient-oriented clinical research. The facility is the first centre of its type in Canada focused on enabling investigator initiated clinical research while also retaining the capability and capacity for industry-sponsored clinical trials. Dr. Richard Kim

The latest high-tech equipment for patient monitoring, telemetry, and sample processing are available within the CCIT and access to other core facilities for DNA sequencing, genotyping, drug level analysis, and imaging are nearby. Our CCIT will allow researchers to conduct more meaningful clinical research, whether in healthy subject or phase I-II studies in patients, efficiently and safely. Teams of specialized administrative and nursing staff as well as physicians will be available to support the researchers who request to utilize our CCIT.

CCIT is a truly collaborative and enabling clinical research environment. We have put in place a peer-review system to evaluate the merits of studies our investigators would like to conduct and provide the resources necessary to conduct such studies at the highest level possible. In addition, CCIT by its very nature and location within the hospital, will ensure the highest level of safeguards are in place for conducting all types of clinical research.

In addition, we will systematically grow and support investigator initiated research that will become the building block to growing world-class expertise in patient-oriented clinical research where the knowledge generated by our clinical researchers will become the standard of care. The ultimate beneficiary will be our patients.