Enabling Patient Oriented Clinical Reasearch

  • I am thinking of writing a grant which will utilize the CCIT. How can I get budget estimates for inclusion in my grant proposal?
    Contact us at least 1 month prior to submission deadline by emailing CCIT@LHSC.ON.CA or calling (519) 685-8500 Ext 34466. We will help with budgeting.
  • Can my research associate or coordinator complete the online CCIT forms?
    Yes. You can indicate a designate(s). Please note that the PI of the study will be notified (as well as the designate) for the study progress, notifications, and costs. The PI is ultimately responsible for the design, funds, and conduct of the study.
  • Why does the CCIT need its own application form and review when you already have REB and CRIC?
    First, our CCIT needs to understand what you need from the CCIT for your study. Second, study participant safety is paramount thus we need to ensure appropriate resources are in place when you conduct the study. The online CCIT form will not take much time to complete.