Enabling Patient Oriented Clinical Reasearch

As part of the overall goal of enhancing the clinical and translational research capability here in London, a state-of-the-art Centre for Clinical Investigation & Therapeutics (CCIT) has been built on the 5th floor of the Lindros Legacy Building of London Health Sciences Centre, University Hospital.

The vision for the Centre for the CCIT is to foster collaborative clinical research by making available citywide, intellectual and physical resources needed to conduct cutting-edge translational clinical research. The CCIT will house leading experts, nursing staff, and infrastructure to seamlessly ensure the very best possible clinical studies can be carried out by all those who wish to conduct clinical studies.

Investigators from across London will have full access to the facility, and thereby function as an indispensable and integral component for strengthening and expanding and the clinical and basic research program at London Health Sciences Centre. In addition, equipment will be shared among researchers from across London ensuring that they all have equal access to the latest cutting-edge technology, regularly maintained, and readily available when they need it.